Dick Maury Board of Directors

Having a beloved grandfather who owned an automotive repair shop, I grew up in the auto environment.  Cars and anything mechanical were my passion from a young age.  I acquired my first XKE at age 18, second one at 19 and a XK120 as a second car a year later.  This was after having an Austin Healy, Morgan and MGC as everyday drivers.  The only way I could afford these was to maintain them myself.  I have not been without a Jaguar since.  This interest has led me into the career path I am on currently.  I graduated from Georgia Tech with an Industrial Management degree.  I did work in the printing industry in management of a very large chain of industrial printing companies.  However, this was not my passion and I soon was working on and around Jaguars full time.  This experience combined with my interest in cars seems to be a good fit in running the JCNA and the part of Coventry West in which I am involved.  I tend to look at a situation such as a business and look for the weak points.  This is what should be corrected first.  The strong points of a company will take care of themselves.  Too many people in management major in minors and miss the big picture.  My philosophy is to have good people working with you and let them do their job.  Hopefully this will help carry over into the trust and other endeavors with which I will be involved.