Gary Hagopian : Board of Directors

I am a retired mechanical engineer-businessman who has been a “car-guy” from day one, with a specific interested in Jaguars.  As a result of that interest, I have owned, showed, and raced many Jaguars, and served as the Jaguar Clubs of North America’s president for three terms.  Graduated from U of Mass in 1962 I became involved in the family-owned light manufacturing business started and operated by my dad, who emigrated here from Armenia in 1913.  Upon his retirement, the business was turned over to me and expanded to include military, aerospace, and commercial products on a contract basis.  Hoppe Tool Inc., of Chicopee   MA has become among the most highly respected contract manufacturing facilities in the northeast, and most recently, under the ownership and guidance of two of my sons.  My experience as owner-operator of a high-tech manufacturing facility for approximately thirty seven years, has given me insight into all aspects of engineering, planning, sales, business law, finance, and the most difficult task of all; dealing with people.