George Camp Secretary & Treasurer

A retired Regular Army Field Grade officer with over 40 years experience in Jaguar cars at every level.  I hold advanced degrees in both history and archival studies.  I have researched and written numerous articles published in a myriad of divers publications.  I am frequently called upon to edit and review works of other authors in a variety of disciplines.  After retirement and for the past 20 years I have mostly been self-employed and a devoted Jaguar enthusiast.  To briefly return to my military career I was one of a select team that trained Army executives in focused disciplines and was a professor of History at USMA (West Point).  While teaching at West Point I was asked to help save the Jaguar archives during a corporate move that left the archival material unfunded and in danger of extinction (loss).  I will use my understanding of the importance of history and documents to secure data and real examples of technical, social, economic, and developmental history of Jaguar Cars in North America.