Tom Krefetz : Board of Directors

My passion for Jaguars started at a young age when my neighbor purchased an E-type Roadster and took me for a ride.  The excitement of the performance, styling and beauty was an overwhelming experience that made a permanent impression for my high regard to the Jaguar marquis.  From that point forward I was interested in the history of Jaguar prior to the E-type and their racing heritage as well as the styling of the Sedan models and their performance.  Living in Lake Tahoe I was an active member of the Reno Jaguar Club.  After moving to San Diego I became a member of the San Diego Jaguar Club and have been a member for over 20 years now.  Being the founder of Classic Showcase and specializing in my passion of Jaguar, we developed a staff of talented craftsman to perform all of the services of complete and proper restorations to Jaguar standards.  We continue with this passion, reaching out to Jaguar collectors world-wide to help in their desire to own, show and enjoy various Jaguar models.  I am committed to the preservation of Jaguars and enjoy helping individuals with their Jaguars.  I share my experience and knowledge with individuals on their Jaguars.  For many years now I have enjoyed competing in the Concours shows throughout the Southwest region.  In more recent years I have helped to inform judges and help judge Jaguars in Club Jaguar Mexico’s annual Concourse ‘d ‘Elegance, making friends internationally from the common interest of Jaguar cars.  This has been an exciting and rewarding experience.  I have also hosted the San Diego Jaguar Club’s JCNA judges training session at Classic Showcase for the last eight years.  The passion of Jaguars in my work and pleasure has been fun and rewarding for over three decades now.  My continued involvement on the JCNA board would be to help make improvements for all involved.